Association of the Descendants of Philippe duTrieux

DuTrieux Family History

Philippe du Trieux was a Walloon who came to 'New Netherlands' from exile in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sailing on the vessel "New Amsterdam", Philippe, his second wife Susanna du Chesne, his son Philippe Jr. and daughter Maria of his first marriage arrived in New Amsterdam (New York City) in mid-May 1624, seeking religious freedom. With very few exceptions, all those with the surname Truax, Truex, Trueax, Truaxe and other variants are descended from Philippe du Trieux.

The Association of Philippe Du Trieux Descendants was established in 1981 to locate and bring together the descendants of one of North America’s oldest families. If your family name is Truax, Trueax, or Truex, or if you descend from a member of this family, you are part of this story.

Some who read this may be well informed in matters of family lineage, others may be limited in their knowledge. During the more than 370 years since the family's arrival from the Netherlands, some 15 generations have been produced. Descendants are widely scattered through the United States and Canada. The "cousins" are of many family names.

In the examination of any family's genealogy, many wonderful stories are found on both our grandfathers' and grandmothers' sides. Most members of the Association study not only the family of the paternal emigrant, Philippe Du Trieux, but those who joined his descendants in marriage, generation by generation.

In a much abbreviated fashion, the Association offers you the story of your relatives in Europe and their beginnings in North America.

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